Third Party Solutions

Portfolio Management Services


We custom tailor portfolios and other investment solutions for Institutional and Individual clients. Through this service, we manage each client’s portfolio according to their risk/return objectives, disciplines (Sharia or Conventional) and asset classes (equities and/or Fixed Income). By utilizing our resources, we take into consideration each client’s financial goals, risk appetite and time horizon in order to meet their needs. We also assist our clients in developing the mandated guidelines that steer the investment strategy towards achieving each objective outlined by the client.


Our Third Party Solutions services provide clients with a full-fledged investment arm with complete access to the global market while maintaining full transparency in line with international best practices.


Third Party Solutions has developed and maintained strong relationships with international investment managers. Investment professionals are regularly hosted at our offices to discuss global markets updates and latest investment opportunities and trends. In addition to our strong relationships with international fund managers, we rely on multiple financial sources in our financial screening process and execution such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Zawya, Pertrac, eVestment, Morningstar, eurekahedge and AllFunds Bank.