Board Committees

The Board considers that the skills, knowledge, experience and characteristics of the Directors are appropriate to their responsibilities and our activities. The Directors bring a range of skills to the Board, including, but not limited to:


  • International and regional experience;

  • Technical expertise of the business, regulatory and economic environment, in which Kamco Invest operates; and

  • Financial sector experience and knowledge

The skills and experience profile of the Board is reviewed regularly to ensure an appropriate and relevant Board composition.

Board Audit Committee

The Board Audit Committee is involved in the Board’s fulfilment of its oversight responsibilities relating to the integrity of Kamco Invest's financial statements, performance of the external auditors, monitoring the performance of the internal audit functions, the business practices and ethical standards of the company. Furthermore, the Board Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the Company’s policies and practices with respect to internal controls. The committee comprises of:


  • Entisar AlSuwaidi, Chairperson

  • Tarek AbdulSalam, Member

  • H.E. Shaikha Adana AlSabah, Member

  • Riyad Hanbali, Consultant

  • Pradeep Rajagopalan, Secretary of the Committee


Board Nomination & Remuneration Committee

The Board Remuneration Committee provides recommendations regarding the remuneration (including monthly salary and other benefits) of the Board of Directors, CEO and reviews the remuneration (including salaries) of Executive Management. The committee comprises of:


  • H.E. Shaikha Adana AlSabah, Chairperson

  • Entisar AlSuwaidi, Member

  • Tarek AbdulSalam, Member

  • Farouq AlOumi, Secretary of the Committee


Board Risk Committee

The purpose of the Board Risk Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on matters of risk management. The Committee is responsible for defining the Company’s risk appetite as well as promoting a risk-based approach to the management and internal controls of the Company, as well as reviewing the Company’s major risk exposures and changes to its risk profile.


  • Tarek AbdulSalam, Chairman

  • Masaud Hayat, Member

  • Entisar AlSuwaidi, Member

  • Ketan Kapoor, Secretary of the Committee