Management Committees

Management Committees play an integral part of Kamco Invest’s Corporate Governance and Internal Control structure. These Committees are platforms for senior management to brainstorm and discuss strategic, business & operational issues and implement necessary action plans, thereby providing strategic, operational and governance oversight to the Company on a regular basis. The Committees operate through board approved mandates and charters.


Business Excellence & Strategic Transformation Committee

The committee provides strategic oversight to the performance of the Company and facilities cooperation among various business units.


Asset Liability and Capital Management Committee

The committee provides oversight to the management of Kamco Invest's balance sheet and capitalization.


HR Committee

The committee provides general oversight of Kamco Invest’s compensation structure including long term rewards and benefits programs, to review and provide guidance on Kamco Invest’s human resources programs, workforce programs, talent review and leadership development and best place to work initiatives.


Credit Committee

The committee exercises due care, diligence, skill and oversight towards credit risk management in the loan portfolio of Kamco Invest, within Board approved authorities.


Provisioning Committee

This committee approves provisions on the individual loan accounts and on an omnibus basis on the loan portfolio to ensure accurate reflection of recoverability.


Technology Oversight Committee

This committee oversees the Company's technology strategy and initiatives, oversee significant investments in support of such strategy alongside associated operational considerations, operational risks, information and cybersecurity risks.