Kamco Invest has built upon years of experience in the regional market and strengthened its reputation through investment research publications formulated by skilled analysts that share a breadth of knowledge and experience on regional and international industries, sectors and companies. Our independent periodic reports maintain a level of proficiency on par with international standards, are publicly available and have enabled us to achieve a thought leadership position in Kuwait.


We are committed to provide the highest quality reports with a principled approach of being objective and insightful, while creating awareness among foreign investors on investment opportunities in the local and regional markets. Our in-depth expert analyses of various entities and sectors, in addition to our wider economic research, enables us to support and assist our clients in making confident investment decisions.


Our research analysts track the latest directions and trends across the regional equity markets and local economies and publish their findings in periodic reports that are highly regarded and respected across the local and regional investment communities. The team identifies these opportunities by leveraging on real time access to industry and corporate developments, economic facts, statistics, and actionable information that will help investors in making informed and proactive decisions.