The Private Equity Asset Management Department manages 5 funds:


Global Opportunistic Fund I

Launched in 2015, the Fund was mandated to do Pre-IPO and Private Equity Investments. The Fund is sector agnostic, focused on investing only in GCC, made investments in 5 of the 6 GCC countries across sectors like, healthcare, education, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, oil & gas distribution and contracting companies. Fund made distributions in each year since 2006 till 2015 (except 2014) and is governed by Central Bank of Bahrain.


Global Opportunistic Fund II

Global Opportunistic Fund II aims to achieve capital appreciation with optimum returns, within controlled levels of risk, over the medium to long term by investing in IPO and Pre-IPO issues in the target countries. The Fund primarily looks to invest in companies in a broad range of attractive sectors that would offer opportunities driven by increasing per capita income, demographic profile (young population) and other aspects that are likely to spur domestic demands. Some of these sectors include logistics, utilities, healthcare, hospitality, education and other service sectors. Such a strategy allows the Fund to take advantage of a wider range of investment opportunities as they arise, and to have the flexibility to capitalize on the opportunities created by a given industry or trend.


Global Buyout Fund

Global Buyout Fund focuses on companies in a broad range of sectors with high growth potential attributable to increasing per capita income, favorable demographics and consolidation opportunities. The Fund focuses primarily on companies located in the Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) region, including Turkey. Some of the sectors the fund invested in are Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Pharmaceuticals. This is GCM’s first Buyout fund and looks to add value through active participation in the Portfolio Company’s operations.


Global Mena Financial Asset Limited

GMFA is a Guernsey incorporated Fund established in 2008 with focus on investing in mid-market private equity opportunities looking for growth capital, in MENA region including Turkey. GMFA also forayed into some attractive development finance and banking opportunities in Far East and South Asia as well. Until 2012 the singular focus of the Fund was on Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sectors, which was later expanded to include non –financial services sector as well.


Kuwait Private Equity Opportunities Fund

KPEOF is a private equity fund that was established in 2004 to invest in unlisted, privately held Kuwaiti companies. The Fund’s objective is to achieve superior returns by acquiring equity positions, which directly or with co-investment partners provide effective control or influence in adding value through financial management, restructuring, operational improvements, expansion and the use of leverage, exit through listing or trade sale.